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Welcome to St. Catherine Catholic School

Important Dates

Welcome to

St. Catherine Catholic Elementary/Junior High School

Our Motto

"A Place of Welcome!"

Our Mission

St. Catherine School is a multi-cultural community that provides a Christ-Centred, Catholic environment.  Inspired by God and based on the teachings of Christ, the school is a welcoming and nurturing setting where students can deepen their relationship with God.  Through the teachings of Christ, students celebrate their belonging, grow in faith and serve God and the community through acts of service. Guided by the Holy Spirit, students are provided with diverse opportunities to learn about the world through academics, the arts and physical education.

Our Vision

In order to develop the intellectual, spiritual, social and emotional growth of our students, we are committed to providing opportunities that foster life-long collaborative learning, as well as creative and critical thinking skills.

Year Round Schooling

Edmonton Catholic Schools has three schools offering a year round schooling calendar. These schools balance their instructional days into four terms with vacation breaks between each of the terms. The number of instructional days for students is exactly the same for both the year round calendar and the traditional calendar.
Year round schooling gives parents in Edmonton Catholic Schools another choice for their children's education and reduces the concern of learning loss over a longer summer break.

  • Kindergarten
    Child must be five on or before March 1, 2016.
  • 100 Voices
    Child must be four on or before March 1, 2016.
  • Year End Liturgy - Our year end Liturgy will be in the afternoon of June 22nd. All Junior High students are asked to stay for the afternoon.

    Final Exams - Final exams for grade 4 - 6 students begin on June 17th. Final exams for grade 7 - 9 students begin on  June 22nd. Students need to be on time and bring a pencil and a reading book. 
  •  Awards Evening  - Junior high awards will be presented on Thursday May 18th at 7:00 p.m. in the Gym. Students will get  invitations if they are to receive an award.


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